Who we are

Curious. Honest. Fearless.

We’re your dancing, skating, backflipping, yodelling second self you’ve always wanted to bring to the party. We’re brave, fun and unafraid to shock and surprise. And we’re in for the long haul. We’ll listen, challenge, and reassure you when necessary, spinning solutions out of obstacles and charting a bold journey together.
Sian Bennett
Siân Bennett Project / Studio Assistant
Freddy Pope Project Manager
Will Miles
Will Miles Creative Copywriter
Siobhan Pitt
Siobhan Pitt Account Director
Ben Campbell
Ben Campbell Executive Producer
Jonathan Smith Production Assistant
Mattia Paiano
Mattia Paiano Web Developer
Roman Oliver
Roman Oliver Creative Artworker
Olivia Goulden
Olivia Goulden Head of Finance
James Clarke Design Director
Siân Sinfield Creative
Paddy Dawe
Paddy Dawe Production Director
Eleonora Dalla Rosa
Eleonora Dalla Rosa Senior Creative
Fi Case Director
Tom Tootal Director
Amy Fry
Amy Fry Creative Lead
Ed Pettit Head of Production
Sam Tootal
Sam Tootal Commercials Director
Pebbles Clements
Pebbles Clements Senior Studio Manager
Tom Brett
Tom Brett Senior Financial Administrator
Lana Hodgkinson
Lana Hodgkinson Project Manager
Ruby Donachy
Ruby Donachy Creative
Account Director
Jennifer Walker Head of Growth
Louise Chaplin
Louise Chaplin Senior Account Director
Lewis Botterill Junior Producer
Julia Duvison Runner
Nik Windsor
Nik Windsor Director
Nadya Pandelieva Senior Creative
Lottie Marriner
Lottie Marriner Head of Copy

We don’t plan on getting too big. But from time to time, we look for great people to welcome on board.

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