This week, we wanted to check out the capabilities of ChatGPT, the terrifying AI system that generates reams of copy at the click of a button. Since it thinks it’s so goddamn clever, we thought we’d set ChatGPT the task of writing this week’s espresso (with feedback, obvs).

Write a provocative 200-word article on the impact of ChatGPT on creativity in advertising.

ChatGPT is a technology that promises to revolutionize the advertising industry, but are we ready for the consequences of its capabilities?

  • Strong opening
  • Bold question

With the ability to generate human-like text and understand context, ChatGPT is giving ad agencies the power to create advertisements that are not only efficient but also provocative and boundary-pushing. But, are we ready to handle the potential backlash?

  • Provide examples of said power
  • Provocative and boundary-pushing too similar. Cut one.
  • Repetition of are we ready? But even rephrased, that question repeats opening sentiment.

On one hand, the ability to generate a vast number of ideas in a short period of time can be seen as a positive impact. It allows ad agencies to be more efficient and effective in their brainstorming and concept development. However, this also raises the question of whether relying too heavily on technology like ChatGPT could lead to a lack of truly original ideas, and a homogenization of the advertising industry.

  • Repetition of ad agencies becoming more efficient, again without examples.
  • Offering up alternative viewpoint, but again needs backing up – an example or quote.

Additionally, ChatGPT’s ability to understand context and tap into emotions can allow for ads that are more personal and relatable to the target audience. But, it also raises concerns about the ethics of using technology to manipulate emotions and personal data, creating advertisements that are not just provocative, but also potentially exploitative.

  • Emotional impact an interesting topic but provide evidence of emotions being tapped by ChatGPT to enable relatability.
  • Provide examples of concerns
  • Stop saying provocative

In short, ChatGPT is a powerful technology that has the potential to greatly impact the advertising industry, but we must also consider its potential consequences. It’s time to question whether we are ready to handle the responsibility that comes with such power, and whether we are willing to accept the potential backlash that comes with pushing the boundaries of what’s considered acceptable.

  • Close repetition of are we ready?
  • Repetition of backlash
  • Again, lack of specifics and examples of said consequences, backlash etc

Not bad for a robot. It definitely feels like a real article. But the issue of repetition aside, there’s a lack of evidence, whether from data or anecdote, to support the claims made. The whole thing subsequently feels very vague. We have the impression of an interesting debate without any of the substance. And while there’s some chatty-ish turns of phrase (are we ready?!), there’s an absence of humanity or humour or any interesting linguistic detail. Then again, I’m a copywriter marking the work of a robot who’s gonna take my job. So obviously, I’m marking down.