Brain Tumour Research

Stop the Devastation

Stop the Devastation is a hard-hitting campaign to build awareness of the shocking statistics around brain tumours and to drive much-needed change in policy participation and funding. With a turnaround of just three weeks, we featured inspiring stories shared by incredibly brave people affected by brain tumours.

Brain Tumour Research Campaign

“We gave the bandstand team a ridiculously short timeframe to deliver on our project and they absolutely pulled it out of the bag. It was a pleasure to work with such a committed, lively, creative, and fun team who quickly grasped what we needed and worked closely with us to deliver something we are so proud of. Our cast included a number of very vulnerable people who were all blown away by the professionalism and care shown by everyone involved. ”

Sue Castle-Smith, Head of PR and Communications
Brain Tumour Research Campaign
Brain Tumour Research Campaign
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