250 Waterloo Road

Getting sweary in SW1

250 Waterloo Road offered a unique, lip-smacking challenge. The client wanted a brand that would not only establish Waterloo as a great destination but stand out among competing office space. This brand needed a tone of voice with more bite than a great white shark.

Against the expense, sterility and pretension of other London hubs, Waterloo stands out for its no-bollocks cultural scene and understated eating and dining venues, not to mention its speedy transport links.

Across brochure, website and emails, our campaign’s design, illustrations and copy adopted a defiant, punkish attitude, unafraid to take on other parts of the capital while highlighting everything great about Waterloo.

You might not know

Our designer Ioana originally snuck a penis into the 250 Waterloo designs. It was withdrawn in favour of bog roll, hairy feet and a nipple or three.

The result: a bold campaign that clients would remember and that would firmly stick Waterloo’s flag (well, middle finger) in the ground.


44% click-through rate on initial email

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