Zapping happy

Shpock approached us wanting a campaign idea that would break open their appeal beyond the existing user base. They needed a TVC that would cement them as the go-to platform for selling second-hand items by championing Shpock’s offering and its emphasis on locality, effortlessness and freedom.

Most homes are packed with hundreds of unloved and unused items, all with the potential to earn you that extra bit of cash. We needed to show how effortless this conversion could be.

The TVC dramatically truncates the Shpock experience to a single zap. Our character simply points her phone at objects around her house, prompting roundels of cash to pop up in their place. The more cash she unlocks, the freer she becomes, zapping and dancing away.

By selling everything from a cushion to a family car, the protagonist demonstrates how the platform can help every kind of seller, while the local element is presented when she Shpocks her car to the neighbour across the road.

Within a tight turnaround of six weeks from pitch to going live, we created and shot a 30” TVC, with a 20” cut-down and several 10” product specific vignettes.

  • Film
  • In-house production
  • TV advertising