Royal Academy of Engineering

Engineering a better future

After spending decades at the top of ‘what do you want to be when you grow up’ lists, engineering was struggling to compete with other careers. As the industry hit a skills shortage wall, the Royal Academy of Engineering tasked us to help them. The solution? Our ‘This Is Engineering’ campaign.

This high-profile, digitally-led advertising campaign set out to combat perceptions and inspire the next generation, showing them the astounding and often unexpected breadth of areas that engineers work in. To inspire students about what a career in engineering could look like, film was right at the heart of the social media strategy.

After several years of consistent success, and listening to key research insights, the focus of the campaign shifted in order to align with the changing priorities of our up-and-coming target audience: switching from “wow I never knew that was engineering” to the positive impact of engineering and its role in shaping a better future for the planet and people.

  • Film
  • Photography