Renting never felt so good

The Rental Rebellion, back in September 2018, was the campaign that launched the spanking new Tipi brand. It was a category-grabbing rallying cry to fellow Londoners who were putting up with shoddy renting, overpriced fees, hidden Ts and Cs and mystery landlords who never picked up the phone when anything needed fixing. Now that we had people’s attention, our challenge for the next campaign was to evolve and unpack the rebellion and take the brand to a wider audience.

So we decided to challenge the idea of what a rebellion looks like and how it operates. With the help of real rental nightmares and statistics (such as the Ofgem stat that it takes an average of 14 days to set up broadband and 17 days to set up electricity in a new home), we decided to tell four stories skewering the many pitfalls of renting in the capital; positioning Tipi as a welcome reprieve and solution to all the drama. Each story showed how Tipi alleviated one of the top four pain points renters experienced, as indicated by our consumer research.

With the stills part of the campaign, we rooted the rebellion firmly in the ‘real’ with sumptuous, spacious and beautifully lit photography of Tipi’s homes while the language unpacked Tipi’s USPs with its tongue firmly in its cheek; allowing us to develop the rebellion from the previous year in a modern, playful way.

The campaign ran across a gargantuan spread of media; from tube cards, to bus shelters, 96 sheet billboards to onsite building wraps at Wembley Park, banners and VOD to social and online content with four films.

Encouraging every Londoner to join our rental rebellion – only, from their sofa, with their feet firmly up.

You might not know: The director, Ita Fitzgerald, was the noise of the dog in the “Concierge” spot. She sounded so genuine (and mildly terrifying), that when it came to the final sound mix, everyone decided to keep it. Always good to know you’ve got a fallback career…

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