Unite Students

Unite Students Campaigns

Unite Students (the largest private student accommodation provider in the UK) have buildings which boast cinema rooms, state-of-the-art kitchens, private working spaces and games rooms. But beyond the bells and whistles, their chief ambition is actually to set students up with a home for success. A home they can feel safe and secure in, so they can enjoy the wild and wonderful world of University to the full – tinned spaghetti tacos and all.

Unite tasked us with a series of campaigns to promote their student homes at various times in the academic calendar, from brand new first years to returning third years to those in last-minute clearing. We identified the various empotional headspaces our student audience were in and then came up with a big umbrella thought, flexing the messaging to mirror whatever stage of University they were at. In this way, our campaigns felt unified and aligned, yet appropriate and personal for each group – encouraging them all to become a part of the buzzing, inclusive community of Unite Students.

‘You do you’ was our connecting thread between each campaign, positioning Unite Students as a place where students can find themselves, safe to explore being unapologetically them. The summer campaign allowed us to tread in slightly different territory, with Unite Students pitched as a base for students to live their best summery lives. The type was playful and the premise even more so – yet broad enough to cover everything from music festivals to starting school early to get to grips with language changes.

The retention campaign built off the success of the previous year’s proposition, aligning booking Unite Students with the easiest, most obvious choice. Colours, messaging and font were undeniably Unite Student brand, yet incredibly Gen Z – giving a glitchy, dynamic, off-the-cuff feel.

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